$KWH Supply

The React token, KWH, is the backbone of the React Ecosystem. KWH is used to incentivize battery deployments and reward participation, convey network ownership and governance rights to the community, and other benefits for holders. Well-designed token economics incentivize contributors to provision the network with the resources it requires, and align the interest of all network stakeholders.

KWH is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

React’s token economy will accelerate the deployment of battery storage on the grid and pull forward the decarbonization timeline.

Token Supply

React will have a permanently fixed maximum supply of 500 million KWH tokens.

Of the 500 million total KWH tokens:

  • 60.0% will go to the React community:

    • 36.5% for resource mining to reward network supply growth

    • 6.0% allocated for staking incentives

    • 17.5% held in the community treasury, to be utilized as the community sees fit through the proper governance channels. This could include further growth incentives, strategic airdrops, institutional partnerships, distributions to valuable community members, or furthering the network’s goals, such as investing in decentralized energy infrastructure in underserved areas.

  • 9.8% to investors for providing capital necessary to launch React

  • 30.2% will go to Anode Labs, for constructing the technical and operational systems required for React to function as a decentralized protocol, as well as to fund ongoing contributions

The team and investors will be subject to a 3-year vesting / lockup schedule with a one-year cliff (i.e., 1/3rd will vest on the one year anniversary of granting, with 1/24 of the remaining balance vesting monthly thereafter).

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