React is a distributed system by nature, and thus must be diligent about reducing Sybil attack vectors. React utilizes multiple measures for redundant protection against virtual identities participating as energy resources.


Proof-of-Energy (“PoE”) is a core component of React's reputation system to ensure that an asset is active and listening, and connected to a legitimate load source. The Network will select assets to perform a PoE challenge at random. The asset must respond to this randomized, isolated dispatch request for a certain amount of time. The connected energy monitor should record a measurable change in load as a result of the response, proving the asset is dispatching as requested.


Helium is a global, community-owned network of wireless hotspots providing ubiquitous LoRaWAN coverage. The Helium Network consists of nearly 1 million hotspots globally. Energy monitors will connect to the Helium Network for location verification. By recording the location of the Helium access points the device connects to, the network can approximate location.

Utility Data

Each resource will be tied to a location. When a resource contributor joins the network, they will be required to tie their utility meter ID and utility account to the asset through Urjanet, an industry-leading API for utility data access. Utility meter IDs are unique to each location. This provides the network with historical meter data, as well as location verification from the utility itself. Utility data acts as an honest, 3rd party data provider for the network to help ensure honesty.


For identity-level Sybil resistance, Anode Labs plans to whitelist energy resources for participation in the Network, eventually turning over whitelisting responsibility to community governance. Only whitelisted assets will be eligible to participate in React. Whitelisting certain assets and their OEM software ensures that assets must be connected to their OEM server to participate.

Additionally, we anticipate sampling signatures of energy-related dispatch as well as pre-existing ramp rate/charge/discharge power system physical constraints to quarantine anomalous readings from the network for review. If the asset is determined to be spoofing, it can be excluded from participating in the network. React will form a review committee to make these objective determinations. Token holders will be eligible to vote for committee members.

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