Community Ownership

React is designed to be a community-owned and governed energy cooperative. KWH tokens will convey governance rights of the network to holders through a staked age of capital model. While every KWH token can vote, the longer KWH are staked, the more governance rights accrue.

The community will govern the network through a DAO with token-based voting. There are three main classifications of React Network Proposals (RNPs):

  1. Technical: upgrades to the React protocol

  2. Economic: modifications to the React token economy and incentive structures

  3. Community: process, organization, and other miscellaneous proposals relating to the community and structure of React

RNP proposers will vet their proposals among other community participants and receive initial feedback in React's community Discord. Following initial vetting and feedback, the proposer will draft the RNP using the community-accepted standard RNP template and submit it to the community for discussion at the next community call.

Community members will have the opportunity to comment on the RNP synchronously via the community call and asynchronously via the governance forum. Following a wait period, the RNP will be presented for community voting. If approved, the RNP will be implemented, initially by the core team. Eventually, the Network will decentralize the implementation functions to an implementation committee.

React will use a mixture of off-chain and on-chain voting. Typically, we expect technical and economic proposals will utilize on-chain voting, while community proposals will be facilitated off-chain.

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